The time had come when Oona let us know that she had a great interest in competing as a junior handler. What dog would be a good team mate for her and get along with our Glens ? After much research into different breeds, it was decided that a Whippet would join Marfidal. After a trip to Sweden to the Wolftone kennels Wolftone Sandra, also know as Santtu. Santtu has already been a mother. So we expect whippets will be a part of Marfidal, long into the future. We expect to have the occasional whippet litter which can be inquired about.

More about whippets you will find from clubs pages Whippet-harrastajat ry.

Äiti ja tytärMother and daugther
Guard dog
So much to say
Joskus ollaan vaan kauniisti
Relaxing saturday!
Mei Dan Belliini at Marfidal
Uusin vahvistuksemme
Mei Dan Bellini at Marfidal
Lilja aka Heta
Santtu ja voikukka
Lapsena Santtu söi voikukkia ja metsästi lentokoneita. Oikeesti
Valkeakoski 2014
Valkeakoski, Santun ensimmäinen sertti!
Remyn ja Santu kihlajaiskuva
santun lempipuuhaa
Santun pentue -1.
Matkateko on mukavaa
Matkateko on mukavaa, mutta kuskin ajoa ei kommentoida :o)
Santun bestis
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