Family show trip to Estonia!

What a great trip we had. So much fun, lovely towns, places and moust of all Vöru dog show was so nicely made up! Sunny hot weather, lovely green! Judges had time, even timetables was per minute, people were smiley and nice! Of course Pirkko was only glen, but had great critique from both judges. Judges how knew glens!!

Santu had 10 whippets with her, from Finland, Poland and Latvia. Saturday under Mrs. Muldoon in short rain, she went all the way to BOS and Sunday BOB, leaving champions behind both days. Needless to say, we where very suprised and happy! Of course we know we have great traditional whippet!

Lets ot forget that Oona was in Junior handling both days! Saturday she as BIS2 and Sunday BIS3. That was her last junior handlings and now on, you will see her more in show rings with glens and whippets.

All in all, I think we wil do this again!